Introducing Coco Island Romper and Dress

Friday, June 23, 2017

Get ready for Summer with this fashionable and versatile pattern! The Coco pattern comes with two versions of rompers and two versions of dresses, each with either a slit back or a halter back, and all versions have inseam pockets. Coco can be sewn with woven or knit fabrics.  

With the coupon code COCO2017, you can get 40% off your entire purchase on the Modkid Etsy store for the next 24 hours! Code expires at 9:00 a.m. CST on Saturday, June 24, 2017. This code makes this (and any other full-price pattern on our store) only $5.99, so hurry up and stock up on your favorite MODKID PDF patterns!!

These testers did an amazing job. Get ready to be inspired!!

Alicia De Ramos

Alicia De Ramos

Stephanie Eckstein

Stephanie Eckstein

Daisy Molemans

Evi De Mey

Colleen Mills

Janice Harris

Katie Leatherwood

Katrina Dingley

Katrina Dingley

Leah Broadstreet

Leanne Lyons

Maria LuĂ­sa Santos

Nicole Cantwell

Rachel Reese

Rachel Reese

Tania Paredez

Teresa Martin

Valeria Curatolo

Violetta Ivanova

Introducing Modkid Leilani

Friday, May 12, 2017

Modkid just released the latest pattern for girls and teens!! The Leilani pattern includes a swing top, swing dress, and harem romper. Three very different looks in one!! The dress and romper versions include inset side pockets. All views feature a double spaghetti strap design for added flair. Pick up both patterns for the perfect sister set!!

Pattern Sale Details: Coupon Code LEILANI2017 gets 40% off your entire order on the MODKID Etsy store. That means you can buy this and any other pattern for 40% off. And it also means this pattern is only $5.99 for 24 hours (the code will expire exactly 24 hrs after the pattern releases). There will also be a bundle price for those who want to get both patterns (think... "sister sets" or "mommy-daughter").

Also note that the upper sizes of the teen pattern will fit XS-M women sizes! Grab both patterns as a bundle!

Enjoy the inspiration from our testers!!

Amanda de Serres

Amanda de Serres

Erin Kaiser

Glenda Morrow

Courtney Davis

Jennifer Mills

Jenny Fish

Kristi Atkinson

Kyla Sorenson

Leah Broadstreet

Lindsey Oakes

Maria Luisa Santos

Nicole Cantwell

Patricia Metten

Rachel Reese

Raedene Averitt

Susan Nixon

Susan Nixon

Teresa Martin

Thao Luxa

Tiffany Turner

Tasha Bullard

Kyoko Sew-Along // Day 5

Friday, May 05, 2017

The last piece to the Kyoko pattern is the Obi. Note: All seam allowances are 1/2" unless noted otherwise.

Cut your one yard length of ribbon in half creating two 18" long pieces. Place the ribbon pieces on top of one obi piece right sides together, lining up the ribbon ends with the short ends of the obi and centering top to bottom. Baste in place 1/4" from the edge. You may want to pin the ribbon tails in the center of the obi, so they do not get caught in the seams.

Lay the other obi piece on top of the one with the ribbon pieces right sides together with the ribbon sandwiched in between. Stitch all the way around the obi leaving a 2" wide opening for turning.

Stitch over the narrow ends again to secure the ribbon ties. Trim your seam allowances and clip the corners.

Turn the obi right sides out. Use a turning tool or chop stick to poke out the corners. Press well and topstitch 1/8" from the edge all around the obi closing the opening in the process. Finish or trim the ends of the ribbon as needed.

The obi ties around the waist of the dress criss-crossing in the back. Secure with a pretty bow! All done!!

Be sure to add photos of your completed Kyoko pattern to our Facebook Group before Monday, May 8th to be entered to win a prize. You can share photos on Facebook and Instagram with hashtag #kyokosewalong. We will post the winner next week!

See the rest of the Kyoko Sew-Along here:
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